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Case Studies

What our customers are saying about Agewise Design and descriptions of some of our recent projects.


I loved working with Lauren, . . . she was open-minded and thoughtful about incorporating my ideas into her solutions . . . I can’t recommend her highly enough.

— Kathleen Chmelewski, Bloomington


I can’t say enough good about Agewise Design. They listen to what matters to you and are willing to dig out ways to make it possible.

— Sara Frommer, Bloomington

Agewise Design renovated a main floor bedroom and bathroom for Debbie after she could no longer manage her stair lift to get to her upstairs master bedroom and bathroom. We specified an overhead track system with a sling and electric hoist linking the bedroom, bathroom, and family room. Now Debbie can be easily and safely lifted out of bed, transferred to the sink, toilet, or shower, or to her recliner or wheelchair in the family room.

— Fix, Bloomington


After Lisa moved into a one level home she hired Agewise Design to remodel her kitchen and master bathroom. Agewise Design created a kitchen that functions better for a single person, can be adapted should Lisa’s muscular disease, which affects her ability to walk, flair up again, and reflects her tastes. In her master bathroom Agewise Design removed the garden tub, built a spacious roll-in shower, and created spaces that work better for a single woman.

— Kurz, Bloomington

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Agewise Design worked with Christine, her financial adviser, and Bell Trace’s executive director and building maintenance supervisor to remove the shower unit in her apartment and build a roll-in shower. For her investment, Christine was granted permission to remain in her apartment instead of moving into the Health and Wellness Center due to the progress of her Parkinson’s Disease.

— Shriner, Bloomington

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David and Cathy called Agewise Design after their architect daughter encouraged them to remodel their master bathroom. Being proactive paid off. Cathy came down with an inner-ear infection that caused vertigo just as Agewise Design was finishing their roll-in shower. Their new bathroom easily accommodated Cathy’s temporary use of a walker.

— Dilcher, Bloomington

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Father and son agreed on the move yet given their difficulties communicating were unsure of how they would manage it. Agewise Design earned the trust and gratitude of both for making the move run smoothly and expertly.

— Casati, Bloomington

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